Red Summit Productions was founded by day players and freelancers turned industry professionals. Our goal has always been to push the limits in order to convey messages in exciting and innovative ways.  We have proudly created deliverables for and shaped relationships with a variety of clients including Fortune 500 companies, television networks, and entrepreneurs. We understand the value our product represents to our clients, and seek to maximize their benefit. In our years of business, we have learned to never celebrate the summit, the team effort of getting up is the same effort of getting back down.

Camera Crew

We have a talented crew of freelancers in New York and across the country. We are built on a strong network of interpersonal relationships between passionate professionals. Whatever type of projects you need, we’ll be there.

Executive Team

Led by our owner and head producer, Mike Krentzman, we have worked with the best and are always up for a challenge. Be it commercial projects, original content, or live events, we can bring you the perfect solution to any set.

Original Content

RSP is quickly developing our portfolio of original content. It is our pleasure to take on a project at any stage of development, whether it be a script, a storyboard, or even just a concept. Our team of specialists are not only passionate about filming but incredibly skilled at it as well.

Get In Touch!

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