With health and safety concerns for our clients, freelancers, and staff being our utmost priority, we understand how important it is to work from home right now, even while continuing to create content.

Being remote does not mean that projects have to come to a standstill; we have been working to take familiar livestreaming technology and find innovative new ways to tailor it to producing remotely. Our solutions allow you to create full scale productions from home, and can be made as simple as the click of a button or as advanced as a small camera crew with a live feed.

These exciting services allow for livestreaming through cameras, computers, or mobile devices, and are perfect for virtual events, corporate videos, remote collaboration, interviews, and presentations. See our packages below to find the best way for you to go live!



The Home/Office One Click

  • Connect via mobile device or laptop with camera & microphone
  • Client call-in via web link
  • Connects over Wifi
  • Up to 8 callers at once
  • Technical director multiview to easily switch between participants, video, or presentation
  • Add graphics and lower thirds in real time
  • No software download necessary
  • Optional chat and video playback features

The On-Location Mobile App

  • Connect via a downloadable mobile app on your smartphone¬†
  • Optional package with phone, tripod, lighting, and microphone
  • Connects over cellular directly to our server for higher quality connection
  • Allows for real-time host-subject communication
  • Technical director multiview to easily switch between subject, video, or presentation

The On-Location Production Crew

  • Video transmitter pack shipped directly to local crew
  • Small crew to minimize footprint
  • Pack is compatible with any camera with an SDI output and uses cellular to connect directly to our server for broadcast quality¬†
  • Technical director multiview to easily switch between subject, video, or presentation
  • Host communicates with subject through a cell phone with an earpiece attachment



  • Remote Interviews
  • Live-streaming
  • Virtual Events
  • Corporate Presentations


  • Audio & Video Playback
  • Client & Producer Multiview
  • Virtual Set Technology
  • Live Graphics & Lower Thirds
  • Audio Talkback
  • ISO Recording at ProRes of Multiple Sources
  • Primary & Backup Streaming to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, & more
  • Screensharing & PowerPoint
  • Remote Intercom Solution
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